Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales - Weizen Bam

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales - Weizen Bam

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Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales - Weizen Bam

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    Aurora (Slovenian Perle) and Glacier

When we first featured a beer by Ron Jeffries and Jolly Pumpkin in August of last year - the Bam Noire - it was surprisingly well-received, but then again, we were not sure exactly what to expect as we had no real previous experience with anything like a dark, slightly tart farmhouse ale. And that's the way that Ron likes it, in his effort to create new beers and styles that are at once simple and complex. And for that reason, we are pleased and excited to offer the first release of his new Weizen Bam.

The fourth in their Bam Farmhouse series, it is a traditional farmhouse style hefe-weizen aged in the brewery's "funky old barrels." A seamless blend of traditional German style hefe-weizen and their own local wild and sour cultures, Ron considers it a menage of the most flavorful sort.

Ruddy golden in color, it has yeast-driven fragrances of banana, spicy clove, and nutmeg all wrapped up in a generous dose of rapscallion delight.

The brewmaster's tasting notes indicate that it has clean banana, lemon zest and fresh oak aromas. More banana, salt water toffee, sweet clove and ice on the pallet. Gently tart, with lemon meringue through the finish. It should develop more wild yeast flavor, aroma and sourness with cellaring.

This is truly a brand new beer, and when asked for his hopes about the style Ron said that he hoped it never actually become one...and that Jolly Pumpkin remains the only brewer of sour wild oak aged hefe-weizen. Given his mission to offer fun and quirky beers while remaining dedicated to a rustic country style, we are confident that even if others try to mimic the concept, Weizen Bam will be the benchmark!

"Classic" recipe of 50% barley malt, 50% wheat malt.

Hops: because of all of the shortages and supply issues, the brewery used two varieties that were new to them: Aurora (Slovenian Perle) and Glacier - (a new variety - similar to Fuggles, sort of Golding-ish). Very exciting!

Yeast: WB 06 - also a new one for the brewery.

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