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Jopen B.V. - Sin & Remorse (Indri Dru Whisky Barrel Aged)

Jopen B.V. - Sin & Remorse (Indri Dru Whisky Barrel Aged)

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Imperial Stout Aged in Indri Dru Whisky Barrels for 376 days



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Jopen B.V. - Sin & Remorse (Indri Dru Whisky Barrel Aged)

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    48–55° F
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    Glencairn, Tulip, Globe Snifter, or Thistle Glass

Jopen’s Sin & Remorse Dru Whisky Barrel-aged Imperial Stout is the first stout we’ve tasted that was aged in whisky barrels from India. Produced by Piccadily Distillery in Karnal, Haryana, India, under the brand name Indri, Dru is a single malt cask strength whisky aged in ex-bourbon barrels that add vanilla and toasted coconut notes. Dru, in ancient Indian mythology, was the vessel in which “soma” was collected and offered in Vedic sacrifices.

Jopen Sin & Remorse Dru Whiskey Imperial Stout pours a deep, opaque, brown-black with a thick and creamy tan head that lingers on. Rich aromas of roasted malt, dark chocolate, and espresso mingle with warm vanilla and toasted oak notes from the barrels. After a swirl or two, subtle hints of caramel emerge, along with dried dark fruit such as raisins and dates, adding layered complexity. The ex-boubon barrels used have a charm all their own, bringing deep char and toasted coconut aromas to the forefront, when the liquid comes up a bit in temperature.

On the palate the Jopen Sin & Remorse Dru Whisky Imperial Stout boasts layers of deeply roasted malt, bittersweet cocoa, dark roast coffee beans, and rich molasses. The Indri Dru whisky barrels do their best to contribute to the flavor profile by adding the flavors of vanilla, toasted coconut, and well rounded char that we experienced as aromas previously. There’s a gentle bitterness throughout as well, coming from Columbus hops and the deep roast of the barley malt. Towards the finish we encounter flavors of toasted nuts and a bit of brown sugar sweetness. This version of Sin & Remorse, like others before it, was very inviting and delicious sip after sip. Our empty sample bottle left us craving for more.

The Jopen Sin & Remorse Dru Whisky Imperial Stout is full-bodied and velvety smooth with a luxurious texture. The mousse and mouthfeel feel are creamy and well rounded, with light effervescence and excellent balance. It’s also not too weighty given the upfront maltiness, with our perception being the liquid is well attenuated. The 11.6% abv does its best to remind you that you are, in fact, enjoying an adult beverage. This is an exceptional Imperial Stout that marries the bold flavors of the roasted malts with the unique characteristics of Indri Dru Whisky barrels, all contributing to a warm, long lasting finish.

Jopen Sin & Remorse Dru Whisky Imperial Stout is built to last with the potential of up to 10 years. We suggest getting a few bottles to drink now and in the near future as well as putting some away to sample and enjoy over the next five to ten years, if you have the patience. We also suggest pairing the Jopen Sin & Remorse Dru Whisky Imperial Stout with spicy Indian cuisine to keep the theme going, or rich chocolate desserts.

From the 14th century onwards, Haarlem was a city with a thriving brewing culture. Today Jopen again brews historic beers alongside innovative craft beers in the city centre, in a beautifully restored church, now serving as brewery, pub and restaurant.

We were intrigued by the background story of Jopen and their beers quickly sealed the deal on every other front. The Jopen Koyt Gruitbier in particular, a beer we’ve featured before, traces its origins to at least 1407, back when the city of Haarlem was a significant brewing center in the Netherlands and had its products being freighted elsewhere via the Spaarne River. The long period of brewing in the region didn’t last forever, though, and the last Haarlem brewery closed back in 1916.

In the 1990s, the Haarlem Beer Society made plans to speed along the recovery of Haarlem’s lost brewing heritage—in tandem with Haarlem celebrating its 750th year of existence. Beers were brewed based on recently found recipes dating from 1407 and 1501, and they ended up being pretty excellent. The first of the beers was called Hoppen, based on a 1501 recipe, and this was essentially the official start of an eventual brewery. Their actual brewery in Haarlem, named the Jopenkerk, was eventually opened in November 2010, inside of a former church. This return of Haarlem brewing includes a grand café, restaurant and rectory meeting spaces.

In addition to Jopen Koyt Gruitbier, these folks are making some pretty amazing stuff. The aforementioned Hoppenbier is a golden reproduction of that hoppy 1501 recipe. There’s the Gerstebier, based on a session-strength, bitter ale style popular back in the late 19th century. There’s Ongelovige Thomas (Doubting Thomas), a heavyweight hoppy quad. There’s also a hoppy wheat: Malle Babbe, showing weizen clove character and expressive Saphir hops.

And, as one of our two featured Rare Beer Club selections this month, we’re pleased to offer Jopen’s Sin & Remorse Dru Whisky Barrel-aged Imperial Stout. This is a very limited edition of Jopen’s iconic Sin & Remorse imperial stout (the original was created in collaboration with another absolutely stellar Dutch brewery, Brouwerij de Molen) brewed with barley, wheat, oats, and rye, and hopped with Columbus hops known for deep understated citrus notes and grippy bitterness. This limited edition is available in the USA exclusively through the Rare Beer Club. For the latest from the folks at Jopen, head over to their website at jopenbier.nl.

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