Ladyface Ale Companie - Coquette

Ladyface Ale Companie - Coquette

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Belgian-Style Sour Wheat Ale, Aged w/ Brettanomyces Yeast in Viognier Wine Barrels w/ Locally Grown Kumquats


United States

Alcohol by Volume:


Ladyface Ale Companie - Coquette

  • ABV:

  • Serving Temperature:

    48–55° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Tulip, Flute, Lambic Tumbler or Chardonnay Glass
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While the style description on Ladyface’s Coquette is curious, the execution is as refreshing as the label suggests. This is effervescent and bubbly, packed with vigorous carbonation that keeps this from ever feeling anything other than lively. The use of those fresh, locally grown kumquats comes through quite vibrant: zesty citrus in both the aromatics and flavor. One of our Rare Beer Club panelists described this as the sort of beverage you’d want to drink on a tropical island. There’s plenty of fruit, from kumquat to passion, along with a rounded orange character that feels like a fresh tangerine segment. Also: there’s peppery, softly oaked nuance in abundance here as well, contributing additional layers of structure and toasty corners, with apricots and marmalade adding a creamy layer underneath. Super drinkable. Well appointed.

The aromatics on Coquette lead with that pepper and apricot, feeling like the measured acidity of candied lemon. It’s refreshing, you could think fluffy like lemon meringue, or tart lemon custard—but again there’s a bunch of other stuff going on here. The Viognier wine barrels contribute a semi-bright oak character in addition to any residuals from the grapes. Softer, warming notes like lavender, vanilla and cinnamon (none over the top) add a layer of tempering spices and help keep this fluffed. Seriously, though: fresh and lemony and bright.

Reasonably fresh, this feels like complex, effervescent lemon custard. The modest ABV of Coquette (5.5%) suggests you should keep a close eye on any bottles you plan on aging for any amount of time, and we imagine this one playing out best fresh. Those bubbly, lemon-custard comparisons point us in the direction of creamy vanilla desserts: rich vanilla-bean ice cream or vanilla-tinged apple pie. That soft inner vanilla of this beer, from the oak and a bit of yeast character, make this a zippy pairing option to something like plank-roasted salmon.

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