Logsdon Farmhouse Ales - Seizoen

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales - Seizoen

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Organic Farmhouse Ale

Alcohol by Volume:


Logsdon Farmhouse Ales - Seizoen

  • ABV:

  • Serving Temperature:

    48–54° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Tulip, Tumbler, or Chardonnay glass

Logsdon’s core Seizeon warrants more attention. Surrounded in its lineup by Oak-Aged and Bretta siblings (among others), a lesser saison, presuming we’re allowed to call it that, might get glossed over. But we really dug this one: brilliant, glossy gold in one’s glass; tight-packed white foam that replenishes readily from underneath; retention and textured lacing to spare.

The aroma of Logsdon Seizeon is a mix of white pepper and honeyed notes, creamy banana adding just the right centering point. The pepperiness is well formed, even an accompanying clove and herbal bitterness. We first sampled this outside during the summer, and whenever the sun hit, our glasses basically glowed. We were taken by this beer before we ever tasted it.

That clarity of appearance shows through in execution. Fluffy carbonation and fruity esters offer a hint of underlying cotton candy, but brisk white-pepper notes and an herbal, almost grassy bitterness keep this wholly on point and crisp. We found much to explore here. There are times it very much presents like a Chardonnay or herbaceous Sauvignon blanc that’s seen time on oak: that smooth vanilla, like banana or crème brûlée, contributing secondary notes.

You could probably get away pairing this saison with just about anything, given the balance and peppery framework. Try working to that core banana/vanilla note. Logsdon says: “For the most satisfying results, store upright in a cold, dark place and enjoy in a proper glass.”

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales is headed up by Director and Brewmaster David Logsdon, and it’s on his bucolic 10 acre property that his farmhouse brewery resides (situated inside of an actual big red barn). David’s been a force in the brewing industry for quite some time, previously serving as a founding partner and brewer at fellow Hood-River-based brewery Full Sail. He’s also the founder of Wyeast Laboratories, Inc., one of the country’s main brewing yeast companies, where he worked for 25 years before setting out to start a brewery of his own.

To the idyllic setting and skilled brewing team, add a dedication to high-quality, thoughtfully sourced, organic ingredients. Hops are used in their whole-cone form (no pellets, no extract) and purchased either directly from the farmers themselves or grown on site. Fruit additions are locally sourced. Multiple yeast strains are typically used, allowing for greater complexity in the final product. Also: Every beer is certified organic.

We feel Logsdon’s offerings are some of the finest examples one can find of the power of superb yeast strains in the hands of brewers with a deft touch and great creativity. Logsdon’s beers are produced in small batches and distributed in similarly small quantities in just a handful of states and British Columbia. It’s our pleasure to have been able to work with Logsdon to secure limited quantites of six of these excellent beers for this month’s special offer. We know you’ll enjoy these world-class beers as much as we have. Cheers!

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