Microbrouwerij Achilles - Serafijn Celtic Angel

Microbrouwerij Achilles - Serafijn Celtic Angel

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Microbrouwerij Achilles - Serafijn Celtic Angel

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Brewed by Microbrouwerij Achilles, which was founded in 1999 after 7 years of brewing trials and experimentation, the brand name “Serafijn” is a reference to a category of angels that serve as messengers between God and man. In addition to being musicians, they are beer lovers who profess that life should be enjoyed with a healthy glass of beer (but being angelic, they also state that it should be in moderation!).

It would make sense that, given this love for song, merriment, and beer, they would make friends with a people of the same interests – the Celts. Legend has it that the Serafijns taught the Celts how to brew beer, giving them a drink that made them unbeatable in battle and then fueling great victory parties with drinking and dancing through the night. Celtic Angel was created to celebrate this comraderie.

Full bodied, with roasted malts, and a rather dry finish.

A quite flavoursome Belgian version of an Irish red ale. I find this beer to be the most intriguing in the Serafijn range, which presently includes a blonde, wheat, donker, and tripel. They also produce certain beers in limited quantities for local private organizations.

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