Nebraska Brewing Company - Barrel Aged Reserve Series: Fathead

Nebraska Brewing Company - Barrel Aged Reserve Series: Fathead

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Barley Wine Ale, Aged 6 Months in Whiskey Barrels


United States

Alcohol by Volume:


Nebraska Brewing Company - Barrel Aged Reserve Series: Fathead

  • ABV:

  • Serving Temperature:

    50–57° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Snifter, Tulip, Small Nonic or Pinot Glass

Switching gears from Chardonnay to whiskey barrels, we get to head into the darker styles of Nebraska’s Barrel Aged Reserve Series. Fathead originally started as a strong Scotch-style ale, but it’s since headed into territory most resembling a barley wine. Aged for six months inside of freshly emptied whiskey barrels, and tipping the scales at just over 12% ABV, Fathead still somehow avoids feeling top-heavy: with fresh red fruit and lean, warming alcohol in its soul.

Nebraska’s whiskey barrel-aged barley wine pours a deep, murky cola-brown, capped with a welcoming light-tan foam that’s fine-bubbled and nicely formed for a beer this high in ABV. Resilient lacing coats the side of the glass. An expansive vein of vinous heat and dense fruit lands first, bringing along dates, figs, plums and berries. Chewier notes of caramelized sugar and leather perfectly complement the fruity, warming approach. Vast aromatics to explore.

The expansive flavors build upon everything suggested by the nose. The mouthfeel’s entirely effortless: refreshing levels of CO2, welcome underlying bitterness and a nice edge of tannins to contrast with the weighty mélange of caramelized sugars and dried fruits. Those additional notes from the whiskey barrels—heated and spicy, toasted and charred—play well alongside everything else going on. Fathead’s hugely endearing—one of the most complex barrel-aged barley wines we’ve had in a long while, with aromatics and flavors that just keep on going.

Bottle-conditioned and sturdy enough for extended cellaring—although delicious fresh. The combination of caramel and fruitiness calls for pairings involving roasted pork.

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