Põhjala - Cocobänger

Põhjala - Cocobänger

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Imperial Stout with Coffee & Coconut



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Põhjala - Cocobänger

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    54–61° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Snifter, Tulip, or Goblet

As the third Põhjala beer in this hefty special offer, Cocobänger moves the direction of this flight into entirely different flavor terrain. This incredibly generous imperial stout is brewed with special additions of toasted coconut flakes and Costa Rican Caturra coffee, as well as a neat but less noticeable use of the experimental HBC472 hop. It highlights those extra coffee dimensions while being smoothed out by the coconut, and pours darker than the two earlier Baltic porters: dense, dark chocolate-brown, but with similar oiliness and heft. The generous aromatics land with complex chocolate, tempered by sweet coconut and soft, roasted notes.

It’s amazing how significant the addition of certain ingredients can be to the overall profile of a beer, and here the toasted coconut flakes contribute to a creamy, vanilla-tinged feel that helps make this an effortlessly drinkable imperial stout. The Costa Rican coffee, while it isn’t necessarily the primary special ingredient, contributes an immense amount of complexity as a secondary element in this beer: nicely roasted, accompanied by lots of welcome dark caramel and roast. Its subtle warmth works great with the modest bubbles, as this brewery goes three for three on 11%+ beers that still prove to be effortlessly drinkable. It’s huge, brilliant stout.

For us, this seems to have the most cellarability of the three beers presented so far, with the additional coffee and darker malts giving a solid framework for some further caramelization from age. Could be transcendent in six months, but it’s drinking great now. For pairings, we are inclined to work from that core combo of coconut and dark chocolate: either working in a smooth, vanilla-focused dessert as a counterpoint, or pairing a lime-marinated flank steak.

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