Põhjala - Italobänger

Põhjala - Italobänger

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Imperial Stout w/ Figs, Star Anise, Blood Orange & Grape Must



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Põhjala - Italobänger

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    61–68° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Snifter, Tulip, or Goblet

For how much variety we’ve seen in these first three Põhjala renditions, we saved the most unique for last. This imperial stout takes inspiration from the flavors of Italy, and uses figs, star anise, blood oranges from Sicily, and cooked grape must to create an imperial stout that is absolutely a unique experience in the stout spectrum. This pours the darkest of the bunch, with dark tan foam capping the chocolate-brown liquid beneath. Robust notes of cocoa and dark chocolate and sweet orange land first and foremost from the aromatics, dark but fresh.

While Italobänger has much in common to the preceding Cocobänger, this feels like a rather different beer courtesy of the orangey citrus in place of the coffee and coconut additions. Its generous dark chocolate and dried fruits are met by warming, vinous notes, plus hints of rich sherry. Let this one warm up even more than the others—and savor those special additions.

Like the Cocobänger, this imperial stout could do well with some additional cellaring time. A central focus of darker chocolates plus fresher fruit elements suggests similar pairing options as well, though experiment with the Italian influences. Seasoned steak? Chilled panna cotta?

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