Sawtooth Brewery - Barrel Aged Standhope Doppelbock

Sawtooth Brewery - Barrel Aged Standhope Doppelbock

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Dark Lager aged in Pinot Noir/Whiskey Barrels


United States

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Sawtooth Brewery - Barrel Aged Standhope Doppelbock

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    48–52° F
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    Tulip, Goblet, or Chalice

Barrel Aged Standhope Doppelbock, part of the limited run Woodside Series of beers which includes a barrel aged cream ale with coffee as well as a malbec barrel aged saison, is inspired by and named after a remote peak in the Copper Basin of Central Idaho, a rugged mountain far from anything but wilderness. It is being offered only through the Rare Beer Club, with limited amounts available at the Hailey Brewery and Taphouse, and Ketchum Public House. The beer is a wonderful German style double bock lager that was uniquely aged in Tonnellerie Ô French Oak barrels. The new casks were first filled with California Pinot Noir. After the wine was finished maturing, the barrels were filled with Westward American Single Malt Whiskey for two years. Finally, the barrels were filled with Sawtooth Brewery’s Standhope Doppelbock, maturing for 11 months in Hailey, Idaho’s dynamic temperature environment. The result is a fine example of what barrel aging and maturation can bring to an already well-made beer.

The Barrel Aged Standhope Doppelbock pours a deep reddish amber brown with flecks of bright orange when held into the light. A good amount of head builds in the glass as it is being poured and leaves behind a minimal layer of lacing. The aromas that build in the glass are of dark malts and caramels, jammy fruit and vanilla, toasty grain, and hints of rich char. At first, we’re greeted with rich toasty caramel, toffee, and a hint of Whoppers malt balls, with a nice chocolaty expression. Next the lingering fruit from the Pinot Noir comes through as jammy strawberry and red currants with a bit of warm blackberry. The Westward American Single Malt Whiskey tones follow in layered waves of malted grain, toasty oak, charred vanilla, and sweet smoke. As the beer warms slightly, we noticed hints of candied orange peel made their way out of the glass. The citrus expression plays more of a supporting role rather than being the star, however. Finally, there are underlying hop aromas that bring it all together.

The first sip confirms the rich caramel aromas as well-defined flavors with a supporting cast of vanilla, chocolate, and malt. The toasty French oak accentuates the Pinot Noir flavors of ripe and jammy strawberry, crushed red currants, and bramble-like blackberry, and provides a wide platform for the Westward American Single Malt Whiskey. The whiskey however doesn’t overpower the base beer, only lifts it and drives the flavors forward. We encounter notes of brown sugar, dried dates and figs, hints of leather, and a slight herbal bitterness. Hints of candied orange peel we experienced as aromas make their way onto the palate as flavors in an agreeable subtle fashion. The hop expression is welcome in this beer and gives balance to the fruit and malt aspects. This beer is warm and inviting, with lots of nuances from start to finish. The Barrel Aged Standhope Doppelbock is full bodied with a round mouthfeel that stays with you. Its mousse is delicate and smooth with a fine creamy character. The finish is long, smooth, and lingers beyond our expectations with a gentle warmth and subtle dryness.

The Barrel Aged Standhope Doppelbock can be aged for up to five years with great care to not allow for large temperature fluctuations; however, the sweet spot is between now and three years. Enjoy this beer with roasted pork loin with tangy or fruity reduction sauce and crispy potatoes, or aged hard cheeses and charcuterie, and chocolaty desserts.

We are happy to present to you an outstanding beer from one of our newest brewery partners, Sawtooth Brewery in Hailey, Idaho.

Sawtooth brewery was established on 11/11/11 during a meeting between Paul Holle and Kevin Jones in the Clarion Hotel in Ketchum, Idaho. Friends Paul and Kevin dedicated themselves to brewing locally inspired premium beers that reflect the beauty of the recreational and wilderness areas of Sun Valley, Idaho. They share a passion for creating the beer to meet the needs of Sun Valley and the surrounding areas as the scene was lacking in craft beer culture. Paul brought his extensive home brewing experience and expertise while Kevin added his business acumen to make Sawtooth Brewery the leader in craft beer culture that it is today. They put their passion to work opening the Public House in Ketchum and the Hailey Brewery and Taproom, plus offering catering, running the Outpost Food Truck, and an eight-tap draft trailer. Their success has led them to produce over 1,000 barrels of delicious craft beer per year and expand their distribution throughout Idaho. You can visit their Hailey Brewery and Taproom or their Ketchum Public House. Both locations offer great beer (of course!) and delicious food. They even have a Mug Club! Find out more by visiting them at:

In 2015 Sawtooth Brewery was the first Sun Valley, Idaho brewery to can the majority of their beers, which protects the beer from light that can be damaging as well as being lighter for transport and requires less additional packaging. The exception are Sawtooth’s elegantly bottled Woodside Series barrel aged beers, one of which we are pleased to offer to our club members this month as a club exclusive – we hope you enjoy this beer as much as we did!

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