Jopen B.V. - Sin & Remorse (Brandy Barrel Aged)

Jopen B.V. - Sin & Remorse (Brandy Barrel Aged)

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Brandy-Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout



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Jopen B.V. - Sin & Remorse (Brandy Barrel Aged)

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    50–58° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Snifter, Small Nonic, or Tulip Glass

Sin & Remorse is brewed with barley, wheat, oats, and rye, with this barrel-aged version emphasizing notes of raisins and chocolate. This gets aged in brandy barrels for 1,500 days! That’s… a lot, and there’s a whole bunch of tannins and honeyed/spicy brandy character bringing this beer together. The original base stout was a collab with Brouwerij de Molen, which long-time club members will remember from its inclusion in the club back in 2019.

Brandy-barrel-aged Sin & Remorse pours a very dark, chocolate-brown color with minimal light at the edges. Prominent dark-brown head that lingers despite the high ABV; resilient lacing that coats the interior of the glass. We found generous aromatics of milk and dark chocolate and raisins from the start. Endearing warmth from its time in brandy barrels; this is honeyed and lightly charred, alongside firm roast and non-trivial hop impacts throughout.

Full-full mouthfeel, leading with rich milk chocolate and roast alongside the oaky, warming impacts from the lengthy rest in brandy barrels. Incredibly smooth despite the high ABV and everything else going on. Chewy dark specialty malts, with the raisin/dark-fruit character providing welcome, subtle fruitiness that adds a whole other layer to this beer. Tannins and hops provide accomodating structure and balance.

Let this warm up a bit for the fullest impact. This version of Sin & Remorse is aged just over four years in brandy barrels, and the result is an incredibly decadent, super-smooth imperial stout that showcases its barrel presence but definitely pulls no punches with its core stout impact: lots of chocolates and well-roasted coffee and developed caramelization throughout. Long finish of dark chocolate, raisins, and well-oaked brandy.

Our bottles had a best-before date of March 2041, so feel free to cellar at your leisure. This is for sure a huge beer, packed with chocolates and roast, and will stand up to the heftiest pairing counterparts. We’re thinking peppered grilled ribeye, or a mellow, vanilla-focused dessert to counterpoint all the decadence going on here.

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