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The Bruery - Black Tuesday 2021

The Bruery - Black Tuesday 2021

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Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout


United States

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The Bruery - Black Tuesday 2021

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    52–59° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Snifter, Small Nonic, or Tulip Glass

First up between two incredible barrel-aged imperial stouts is a 2021 vintage release of The Bruery’s famous Black Tuesday—we said this was a big special offer! This decadent imperial stout gets aged for more than a year inside of carefully selected bourbon barrels. For the end result—per The Bruery—you’ll find “roaring notes of crème brûlée and poached fig interlaced with hints of malted milk balls and Australian licorice.” A truly delicious stout.

This imperial stout pours a very dark black color, with just a touch of light showing through dark-brown edges. A decent bit of fine-bubbled, medium-tan foam around the perimeter—significant given the ABV here is pushing 20%! Huge licorice, roast, and dried dark fuits in the aromatics from the initial pour. Decadent chocolates, vinous warmth that doesn’t ever overstep, and deliciously spiced caramel and vanilla notes from the extended barrel time.

This 2021 vintage of Black Tuesday is incredibly full-bodied, with a nicely carbonated core keeping things easy to dig into. Following the aromatics, you’ll find layer upon layer of milk and dark chocolates, pleasant roast, and sweet bourbon-barrel notes bringing along vanilla and almonds. We’d be hard-pressed to point to a more lush BA imperial stout: this is full of nougat, deep caramelization, roasted nuttiness, and endless depth. Spend some time with this one. A long-lasting finish with syrah-like vinous warmth, pleasant lingering spiciness from its barrel time and core hop additions, and persistently decadent figs and dark fruits. So plush.

This slightly aged Black Tuesday release is absolutely sturdy enough for some additional cellaring time. This should age gracefully for years to come. For pairings, we’d go with the heftiest fare—grilled steak, leg of lamb, or smoked brisket—or try a classic pairing like a pungent, salty Stilton cheese as an out-there counterpoint. Or dessert options like cherry-topped cheesecake and coconut ice cream.

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