The Lost Abbey - Bat Out of Hell - 2018 vintage

The Lost Abbey - Bat Out of Hell - 2018 vintage

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Bourbon-Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout w/ Coffee & Cacao Nibs


United States

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The Lost Abbey - Bat Out of Hell - 2018 vintage

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    52–57° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Snifter, Tulip or Pinot Glass

Some Rare Beer Club members might remember this beer as Track 10 in The Lost Abbey’s Ultimate Box Set: it starts as the huge Serpent’s Stout, and gets aged in bourbon barrels for a few years while incorporating special additions of coffee and cacao nibs. There were 37 cases of this release remaining in The Lost Abbey archives. This exceptional barrel-aged offering is tasting great right now, with the additions of coffee and cacao at their most brightly expressed.

This one pours perhaps even a bit darker than the Deliverance, which also includes Serpent’s Stout as part of its makeup. Dense, dark chocolate-brown, with a good bit of viscosity. Milk chocolate and cocoa land clearly in the nose, alongside notes of brownie and fudge, with the sweet barrel notes rolling out underneath. Those coffee notes are well roasted throughout.

For 13.5% ABV, this is super smooth. There’s medium-light cardonation and welcome hints of warming bourbon, and the imperial-stout base is actually secondary to the barrel influence and well-rounded caramelized notes present throughout this beer. The Serpent’s Stout lands as rich fudge and a dense range of chocolate, with well-roasted notes and sweet espresso. A firm edge of tannic character from the lengthy time in barrels is present thoughout, and the rounded bourbon-barrel influence adds in notes of brown sugar, vanilla and some nice char. This is tasting super bright and inviting at the moment, though definitely up for further age.

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