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The Lost Abbey - Cuvee de Tomme (2017 Vintage)

The Lost Abbey - Cuvee de Tomme (2017 Vintage)

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Blended Bourbon- and Wine-Barrel-Aged Dark Wild Ale w/ Sour Cherries


United States

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The Lost Abbey - Cuvee de Tomme (2017 Vintage)

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    50–55° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Tulip, Teku, or Pinot Glass

The 2017 vintage of Cuvee De Tomme is certainly one of our highlights of this special offer. This was last bottled in 2013 prior to the 2017 run, with about 120 cases produced originally. Cuvee de Tomme is made from Judgment Day as its base (also included in this special offer), and they’d make a very interesting side-by-side tasting. This gets aged in American bourbon and French oak wine barrels, with some fantastic wild yeasts and sour cherries added to the barrels—kickstarting a secondary fermentation. The final blend of this beer gets determined after an initial year of aging. One of our all-time favorites from Tomme and Lost Abbey, and this 2017 vintage is one of the best experiences with Cuvee de Tomme we’ve ever had.

This pours a super-dark, burgundy color, with very modest head formation due to the high ABV. A light cap of off-white foam. Incredible aromatics even when first poured: dried dark fruits, tart cherries, cherry pie, toasty vanilla… Nice oak contributions courtesy the bourbon and wine barrels, very subtle oxidation, and very smooth details throughout.

The mouthfeel on this feels endless: cherries, dates, brown sugar, smooth caramelization for days. Cuvee de Tomme, simply put, is just a massively developed beer from Lost Abbey. The complex fermentation provides a lively, lemon-focused core of acidity beside loads of sherry and ripe red fruits. There’s seamless integration of the contributing barrels: hints of rounded bourbon warmth, plus some impressive red-wine tannins adding structure. We’ve been a bit burnt out with certain types of sour beers lately, but Cuvee de Tomme remains one of those world-class examples that manages to rekindle our interest. Take some time with this one.

Suitable for some additional cellar time, but we love how this is drinking right now. The tart cherries, vanilla, and oak have us looking to creamy cheesecake or a fluffy chocolate cake.

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