The Lost Abbey - Framboise de Amorosa

The Lost Abbey - Framboise de Amorosa

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Sour Abbey Dubbel Ale aged in French Oak Barrels w/ Raspberries


United States

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The Lost Abbey - Framboise de Amorosa

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    40–45° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Tulip, Teku, Snifter, or Pinot glass

Framboise de Amorosa starts as The Lost Abbey’s Lost and Found, the brewery’s abbey-style dubbel, then gets aged in freshly emptied red wine barrels. This delicious sour ale receives over a year of barrel aging, as well as three separate additions of raspberries.

Incredible raspberry aromatics lead things, and throughout this is just a beautiful showcase of fresh raspberry character and soft oak-barrel presence. Allows this some time to warm up and indulge those berry aromatics. Vibrantly tart, citrusy impact from the fermentation along with welcome oak tannins providing structure throughout. Super mouthwatering.

Medium-full body, though this is perceived on the leaner side. Vibrant carbonation, acidity, and some warming vinous alcohol keep this feeling lighter in ABV than it is, and raspberry additions take center stage throughout. This is exceptionally rounded fruit character, boldly expressed acidity—and all the nuances and seamlessness of world-class sour ale. Generous raspberry defines Framboise de Amorosa, but this succeeds on a whole number of fronts.

Framboise de Amorosa drinks beautifully fresh, and this should continue to age gracefully for a number of years. The acidity, carbonation, and raspberries would go nicely with creamy cheeses and a variety of indulgent pork options.

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