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The Lost Abbey - Judgment Day

The Lost Abbey - Judgment Day

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Abbey Quadrupel w/ Raisins


United States

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The Lost Abbey - Judgment Day

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  • Serving Temperature:

    40–50° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Chalice, Tulip, or Goblet

Quads are somewhat few are far-between these days, particularly stateside, but Lost Abbey makes one of our all-time favorites. A potent example at just over 10% ABV, Judgment Day is packed with dried fruits, honeyed malts, and a vibrant Belgian yeast character.

This quad pours a deep, amber-brown color, capped by expansive medium-tan foam that’s well retained. Despite being quite dark, Judgment Day still has a bit of a honeyed glow to it. We found lots of dried fruits, cola, and caramel leading the aromatics, alongside a touch of bitter licorice adding further depth. This certainly starts off as a familiar quad profile, but it’s got some pretty fantastic details that continue to develop as this warms up in one’s glass.

A rich, full-bodied quad for sure. Judgment Day is packed with layers of dried dark fruits, expansive pepper and cloves, and tons of fresh red fruitiness to complement the dates and raisins. Even more fruit character that the aroma suggested. Some complex depths to focus on: plenty of chewy licorice, burnt caramel (like crème-brulee crust), cotton candy, and crisp apple notes. Super smooth despite the potent ABV, and just a ton of great elements coming together here. Both within classic quad boundaries and off in its own little world.

Suitable for some cellaring time, but ready to pour fresh. Judgment Day’s core emphasis on dried fruits, plums, and smooth caramelization have us looking to pork and barbecue fare.

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