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The Lost Abbey - Libri Divini

The Lost Abbey - Libri Divini

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Oak-Aged Wild Ale with Lemon & Vanilla


United States

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The Lost Abbey - Libri Divini

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    40–45° F
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    Tulip, Teku, or Chardonnay Glass

Lost Abbey’s Libri Divini is a delicious oak-aged wild ale brewed with lemon and vanilla. This was first brewed for the 2020 Extreme Beer Fest, and it’s inspired by the flavor profile of lemon meringue pie. This brewery’s staked out a reputation for some truly exceptional sour beers, and the combo of vanilla and lemon here had us intrigued.

Libri Divini provides a vibrantly golden, lightly hazed pour capped by white foam that leaves a modest perimeter of foam behind. Immediate aromatics of fresh lemons, a mouthwatering tartness, and toasty oak that gets amplified by the vanilla additions. The vanilla’s a vital piece of this beer, nicely implemented, and its influence gets more pronounced as this warms.

Lively, bracing acidity and some prickly carbonation land first, giving this tons of energy on first approach. An exuberant lemony character with complex tartness throughout, with the vanilla special additions serving a balancing effect. The vanilla’s smooth, nicely rounded, and comforting beside the exhilarating lemony acidity of this beer. Hints of graham cracker and fresh lime zest. The careful construction and lemon-meringue clarity of Libri Divini gives a sense of what’s up ahead in this special offer. A beautifully on-point Lost Abbey sour ale.

We expect this one to age gracefully despite the modest ABV, though some of the subtler aspects from the lemon and vanilla might fall off. The combo of citrus tartness and vanilla has us looking to things like fresh burrata, roasted chicken, or grilled seafood.

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