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The Lost Abbey - Ten Commandments (2016 vintage)

The Lost Abbey - Ten Commandments (2016 vintage)

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Dark Spiced Farmhouse Ale w/ Brettanomyces


United States

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The Lost Abbey - Ten Commandments (2016 vintage)

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    50–55° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Chalice, Tulip, or Goblet

Lost Abbey’s Ten Commandments gets fermented with Brettanomyces and includes blackened raisins, orange peel, and rosemary as special ingredients. The 2016 vintage sees this arguably at its very best, and particularly good at bringing the raisins and herbaceous contrasts front and center. The orange peel appears as soft, candied orange throughout.

Ten Commandments pours quite dark, approximately chocolate-brown, capped by tan foam. The initial aromatics emphasize loads of raisins, dates, and an engaging herbal note from the rosemary. Lots going on here, including a nice combo of caramelization and contrasting cola and spice. We found dried cherries, figs, plus welcome peppery edges adding bitterness.

Despite its high ABV, this lands with a lively, vibrantly bubbled texture—a super-drinkable, Belgian-style vibe. And despite its four years of aging, this also remains super nimble on the palate overall, showing complex depths of caramelization and sherry that never feel heavy. For the folks who’ve been able to try this beer fresh, this aged example offers a beautifully developed expression of those blackened raisins and rosemary, alongside nicely integrated core pepper and caramelization. Best version of Ten Commandments we’ve ever tasted.

The four years behind it have this beer drinking at its prime, though it could age a bit longer in one’s cellar. The raisin and rosemary contributions have us looking to spiced lamb, or an aromatic Morroccan tagine.

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