To Øl - Santas Secret

To Øl - Santas Secret

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Double Coffee Brown Ale w/ cinnamon & cardamom



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To Øl - Santas Secret

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    48–55° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Tulip, Teku, Small Nonic or Pinot Glass

To Øl’s Santas Secret (aka Mochaccino Messiah Double Shot—which keeps Santa going) is a super-tasty double brown ale brewed with coffee, oats, lactose, cardamom, and cinnamon. It felt like a must-pick for this Rare Beer Club special offer: fully festive, lots of fluffy warming coffee-cookie character, plus subtle spicing from that cardamom and cinnamon that doesn’t overshadow things. This is a complex holiday beer to dig into, but keeps super easy to drink.

This pours a deep cola-brown color, topped with creamy tan foam that leaves intricate lacing behind. Generous gingerbread and spice lead the aromatics, alongside nicely roasted coffee. Everything feels toasty and silky smooth. A subtle underpinning of carbonation adds some nice lift, bringing out more of the core toffee and fruit and roastiness packed into this beer. The spice throughout remains an accent, never overpowering or chalky. Darker chocolates and sweet roast offer a lot of depth, and the oats and lactose help keep this feeling rich and creamy throughout. It’s a brilliantly smooth brown ale, packed with robust malt and extras.

While this one’s 8% ABV, we’d be inclined to enjoy Santas Secret on the fresher side, just to get the most out of those spice additions. The caramelized sugars and fruit of this beer, plus the holiday vibe, suggest pairing with turkey or baked ham with a brown sugar glaze.

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